Router configuration help needed

By asimrazzak ·
Hope someon can help here. I have a windows server 2003 connected to the internet via Verizon Westell Veralink 327W. Itried to put a D-link 130 Broadband VPN router int he network to eventually tunnel to sites together.
I can access the web interface of both devices if I plug them in separately. But when I connect the internet to the internet port of d-link and the server to a lan port no connection.

Hope I have put enouh info here. Gone to get some coffee, back in 30min.

PS 1st time posting a question here but have been coming here for years.

Thanks in advance

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a bit more info would help

by computechdan In reply to Router configuration help ...

but going off what u posted it seems likely that your modem is logging itself into the internet via PPOE, and probably provides NAT and DHCP services as well, if this is the case u will have to set the modem in "bridged" mode and transfer these duties to the router

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2 routers = 2 networks

by CG IT In reply to Router configuration help ...

connect the WAN port of the DLink to a LAN port on the Westell[Westtell should have DHCP enabled] This will allow the Dlink WAN port to get an address. On the DLink, change the default LAN subnet to something other than what the Westell LAN subnet is. usually the subnet for the LAN is for Westell. Same for the Dlink. So change the Dlink to

your server should now have an address of 192.168.2.X with the default gateway as [Dlink router address]. The DNS servers are your ISP DNS server addresses.

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Gone to get some coffee, back in 30min?

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to Router configuration help ...

What to return and expect an answer?
Sorry no dice my friend but perhaps you should configure your VPN connections first.

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