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Router Configuration Under Linux ?

By Pravat ·
I know how to configure a Router through the Hyperterminal in Windows but i am not able to get a same variant in Linux.

Some body told me MiniCom is the replacement for the Hyperterminal but i am not able to configure the Minicom stuff.

I searched for many help sections on the net but no solutions yet. So, if anybody have solved this problem practically than please help me out.

So please send me some relevant inf on the same.


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by In reply to Router Configuration Unde ...


Use telnet at the Linux command prompt.

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by thomas_nooning In reply to Router Configuration Unde ...

If this is a Cisco router, I've done it with minicom. The important thing is to configure the serial port correctly. Start minicom with 'minicom -s' to enter configuration mode. Arrow down to 'Serial port setup'. Select 'A' and try either '/dev/ttyS0' or '/dev/ttyS1'. Next choose 'E' and set it to '9600 8N1'. Press 'F' to turn off Hardware Flow Control, then ESC out. Save your config and exit, it should try and connect to the console port. Remember to try ttyS1 if S0 doesn't work. Hope that helps.

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by jmgarvin In reply to Router Configuration Unde ...

Make sure your serial port(s) is working. Echo something to it (/dev/ttyS0 or /dev/ttys0) for Comm1 or (/dev/ttyS1 or /dev/ttys1) for Comm2.

If you can communicate with Comm1 or Comm2 then you can go ahead and configure minicom.

You can also use Seyon which (imho) might be better for you to use.

You can use telnet, ftp, etc, but telnet can get wonky and ftp means you configure the script on your end.

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by Nico Baggus In reply to Router Configuration Unde ...

Don't forget ckermit.
It will allow you to use telnet/serial at will
withou too big a hassle.

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by vjohnmoses In reply to Router Configuration Unde ...

yes that right you can use telnet

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by marathoner In reply to Router Configuration Unde ...

what thomas_nooning said.
Plus you have to be root normally to configure minicom.
Here is a link that might help you especially once you get in.

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