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Router (confused)

By darrynmarr1979 ·
Im using a voyager 205 broadband modem with built in router. Im connecting 3 computers to this modem via a belkin router, 4 ports, now the problem im having is that each computer is getting timeouts, intermittent internet access if none at all, and im wondering if im doing something wrong in windows xp. i can't disable NAT on the voyager 205 modem because internet access suddenly dies. Now the modem is connected directly into the belkin router via a cable, then 3 cables to 3 pc's., now what i want to know is what im doing wrong, because although all three get internet access thru the router after running xp pro's home & small business netowkring util, all three suffer from timeouts, no access at all to the internet, even thru internet explorer. help?

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Voyager 205 issue.

by TurboGeek In reply to Router (confused)

Having the second Belkin Router behind the Voyager is probably unnecessary. You have a double layer of NAT

You would probably have success by replacing the Belkin router with a hub or an unmanaged switch. If you have higher speed DSL service, I would go with a switch. For the 3 PCs, you could get away with a 4 or 5 port switch, but for future expansion, I'd suggest an 8 to 10 port unmanaged switch.

You could then give the 3 client PCs their own 192.168.1.x static IP or use DHCP, with their gateway being set to

If you really wanted to use the Belkin router, I'd give it a fixed IP like and set it to 'router' versus 'gateway' mode, assuming the Voyager is set as 'gateway' and it's IP (on the LAN-Side) is You could then use the DHCP server on the Belkin, set the client PCs to get their IP (starting from from the Belkin and create a routing table in the Belkin to point it to the Voyager. You could also create a second subnet on the LAN side of the Belkin, but this is inducing further complexity to the configuration.

Replacing the second router with a switch produces the simplest configuration though.

Once you have the router(s)/switch configuration set up, rerun the Win XP Network wizard on each PC unless you feel comfortable that you can successfully configure each PC manually.

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Belkin as access point?

by kurt90 In reply to Voyager 205 issue.

I have a Belkin router which can be set to act as an access point (no NAT, no routing) which I believe is probably what he is doing.


darrnymarr, is this router being used as an ethernet access point?

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New Info.

by TurboGeek In reply to Belkin as access point?

Wasn't aware of that capability with Belkin. I'm more of a LinkSys/Cisco type. Anyhow, there's probably a setting on it to switch among the various modes. The configuration settings should be verified. My main point was that it could well be that the double layer of NAT (particularly if everything was withing the same /24) was likely causing the collisions, timeouts, access issues, etc. There is rarely a need to have two layers of NAT on a network with 3 or so PCs.

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voyager 205 ADSL router

by Olly_kelly2 In reply to Router (confused)

hi guys,

i'm using a voyager 205 at home and i had the same problem, i had V205--------->switch----->4 computers and it kept timing out or cutting out completely, i noticed that it never did this whith only 1 computer using it, so i checked every thing again making sure the IP's were set correctly as well as the routing table on the router, all seemed good but every time another computer turned on the internet stoped for all computers, and i figured out that the computers with the Network cards were only set to half duplex at 100Mbs so it was only ever sending or receiving information and when one computer is turned on it must have tried to receive data while another computer was sending to the data got bottle necked and in turn stoped the internet

so basically i set the network cards to full duplex at 100Mbs which seems to have solved the problem as it hasn't cut out the internet yet, hope this helps someone =p

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