Router connection established but nothing works in browsers

By zach140023 ·
I have linksys wireless-g router that i have used successfully at a previous address. I was able to connect both via wired and wireless linksys usb network adapter. Now i'm at a new address using the same isp,cable modem and computer. My connection works fine when run straight from my modem to the computer, however my goal is to have a wired connection from the router to my computer and a wireless connection to a computer in the other room. I've tried both a wired connection and wireless connection to my main computer and both show up just fine and connected as they normally would, but neither internet explorer nor mozilla firefox are able to use the connection. Could this be a problem with my static IP, the router IP or something different altogether? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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re: Router connection established but nothing works in browsers

by michael In reply to Router connection establi ...

How is the internet-side of the Linksys configured? Most cable/dsl providers hand out addresses via DHCP unless you pay extra for a static. Either way, the address has most likely changed when you moved. Have you logged onto the Linksys and looked at its internet settings? Is it getting an IP address, gateway, and DNS servers? After getting the PC to work, then plugging in the Linksys, did you power off the cable/dsl modem for 10-30 seconds then power it on? Often, after they learn a MAC address (i.e. from your PC) they won't work with another address unless you reboot them.

Finally, find out specifically where the PC isn't getting through. Pop out to a command prompt and run ipconfig. Are you getting an IP address? If so, ping the gateway. If that works, ping an internet name like Does it resolve the name and try to ping the address? If not then you have a DNS problem or the Linksys-to-internet isn't configured properly. If it still isn't working, provide these details for more help. Good luck!

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