router connects to cable modem but not to internet

By otwelmr ·
I have cable internet which worked previously with a wireless router and two home computers. The router and modem were unplugged recently and plugged into a power strip. After this, I cannot get to the internet from either computer via wireless or wired connection to the router. The modem seems to be working fine, so says the cable guy who came out to test it. I finally got the computer to connect to the internet if plugged directly into the modem, but still nothing from the router. The odd thing is that from either computer via wireless connection, I can login to either the router and I can also log in to the modem. I would think that if there were a problem with the router I would not be able to do this. I have spent nearly 5 hours on this problem so far and would like to try any suggestions. Both computers are running Win XP home. The router is a Linksys WRT54G. Please help.

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couple of steps

by robo_dev In reply to router connects to cable ...

got LAN link-light on cable modem?
got WAN link-light on router?

make sure you're plugged from WAN port of WRT to ethernet port on Cable modem.

in the wrt54G, can you ping the cable modem?

Have you factory-defaulted your wrt54g?

In the 'broadband status' screen of your wrt router, what IP addresses are you showing? it should show a real internet address like a 24.x.x.x or a 68.x.x.x, not a 192.x.x.x

make sure no computer is plugged into USB port of cable modem (it's either ethernet or usb, but not both).

Some cable-modem providers require you to 'clone' the registered MAC address of one PC into your router. Who is your ISP?

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steps I'll try

by otwelmr In reply to couple of steps

I can ping the modem

I have factory defaulted the router

I will check the broadband status IP at lunch today

Nothing is plugged into the USB port

I use Charter and confirmed with them last night that they authenticate to the modem so any computer/router will work with it.

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Getting Connected

by f.ware In reply to router connects to cable ...

Try this tip for getting your connection back:

1. Power off everything - modem, router, and PCs
2. Reconnect the router to the modem via ethernet cable. (Of course, modem to cable outlet.)
3. Power on the modem 1st and wait for light to go green.
4. Power on the router and wait for green light.
5. Power on PC and check wireless conncetion.

The routher needs to get an IP address from the modem which is the 'gateway' on your network. This gateway will act as the DHCP for your HOST (ISP)network and assign IP address to the router, which will act as the DHCP on YOUR network and assign addresses to your PCs. Good Luck!

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On cable internet connections

by tintoman In reply to router connects to cable ...

If you want to connect a router to the cable modem you need to clone the mac address of the modem, once you have done so ( there should be a button for this on the router set up page) you will be able to access the internet from any computer connected to the router

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The order you

by Dumphrey In reply to router connects to cable ...

power them up can matter sometimes...
Power off computer, modem and router. Power on modem first, wait till its fully up (a minute or two to allow full signal), then power up the router. Wait a few minutes. You should see activity lights on both the modem and router flicker. Finally boot up a wired host, attempt to reach internet, then try with wireless.

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Disconnect the co-ax cable too

by jdclyde In reply to router connects to cable ...

power everything off.

disconnect the power and co-ax cable from the cable modem.

Wait a FEW minutes.

plug it back in.

it is not uncommon for a cable/dsl router to just die or partially die. odds are, it is your problem.

I am using one at home that we were going to throw away at work because the wireless died. still works fine for hard wired connection.

For as low as $20, you can get a new router.|c:373|&Sort=4

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Disconnecting the coax

by Dumphrey In reply to Disconnect the co-ax cabl ...

could also force the ISP end to rescan/register the mac address and thus the IP address of your modem.

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New router works

by otwelmr In reply to router connects to cable ...

It turns out there was a problem with the signal from the ISP AND with the router. I have no idea why the router doesn't work, but after I talked with Charter tech support and he re synced my modem, I tried a D-link router and everything works now. Thanks everybody.

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Glad you got it fixed. nT

by Dumphrey In reply to New router works
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What? No thumbs?

by jdclyde In reply to New router works

No "thumbs up" to the people that tried to help you out?

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