Router DHCP or Server DHCP?

By kurei1218 ·

I have a question regarding my home network. To start off, my network structure is composed of a router, a desktop (W2k3), 2 laptops (XP), and a network printer..

For experimental reasons, I installed W2k3 on the desktop, configured active directory, dhcp & dns and retained the defaults. Then i configured my 2 laptops to join the domain.

All is perfectly fine except for the internet..concerning the IP's of the PC's, the desktop has a static IP with no default gateway and a dns server pointing to itself..Same with the laptops, the laptops lost internet connection when i joined the domain..By the way, all machines are connected to the router via ethernet not wireless.

I don't know if I'm having problems about which dhcp is being it the dhcp from the router or from the server?..

Please advise..

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Check the IP at clients

by joykiranr In reply to Router DHCP or Server DHC ...

As you have configured the DHCP in your win2k3, you might have given the range of DHCP ip's. Check the ip at client machines, whether they have taken this dhcp server's leased ip's or routers.

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Gateway Problem

by davek In reply to Check the IP at clients

Your Y2K unit must have the router address as the gateway and the DHCP must give the routers address (to the PCs obtaining addresses) as the gateway addresss.

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A couple things

by tmalo627 In reply to Router DHCP or Server DHC ...

you can run an IPCONFIG /ALL to find out who is issuing your IP addresses. Personally I would use your server and disable that feature on the router. But in order to get to the internet you NEED a default gateway. Make sure you configure your scope options correctly to issue your router's IP address.

Hope this helps.

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Add fowarding info to AD DNS

by LarryD4 In reply to Router DHCP or Server DHC ...

You should be using DHCP on your server for ip address distribution. It just makes it easier then doing it with your router.

But which ever way you do it you must remember this.

All clients DNS server address must be the AD DNS server.

To allow the DNS server to respond to requests it doesn't konw about, you have to tell it to refer the web addresses it doesn't know about, to your ISP DNS server. This used to be done with a foward lookup record but now its part of the configuration options for the Microsoft DNS server.

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Try this

by ggardei In reply to Add fowarding info to AD ...

Temporarily shut down the DHCP server on the W2k3 server and turn on the DHCP server on the router.

ipconfig /release and then ipconfig /renew one of your laptops so that it is assigned an IP address from the router

do an ipconfig /all

note down the gateway address, and DNS Server Addresses

On the 2k3 desktop, configure Configure the TCP/IP protocol. You should already have it set to use a static IP address; but make sure the obtain DNS entries is set to manual and the DNS address you got from the router are entered there.

Now turn off DHCP on the router turn on DHCP on the server. Refresh the ip on the laptop and you should be fine:

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DNS, possibly the issue

by SaulGoode In reply to Router DHCP or Server DHC ...

If you go into your DNS manager right click on your server go to properties and choose the Forwarders tab. Enter the name address of you ISP's DNS servers. This will allow your DNS server to forward requests out to the internet.

I am assuming your DHCP is configured with a subnet which contains your default gateway, that your gateway is the address of your router and that your Windows clients are getting addresses from the DHCP from the server we're configuring.

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