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Router expert, please help!!

By D_unafraid ·
Dear all
I ahve attached my router config list for your reference, i have a adsl connection and I am using a cisco 800 series router, i pluck in and I realised my atm0.1 poin-to-point interface was down. i have try the "no shutdown command" but it didnt work,i called my ISP,they say there is no problem with the line.There is a light on my router CD leds

I actually write my configuration on a notepad and then copy and paste during the setup of the router, dont think that much of a problem, right?

no service single-slot-reload-enable
no service pad
service timestamps debug uptime
service timestamps log uptime
no service password-encryption
hostname ROUTER1
logging rate-limit console 10 except errors
clock timezone SGT 8
mmi polling-interval 60
no mmi auto-configure
no mmi pvc
mmi snmp-timeout 180
ip subnet-zero
no ip domain-lookup

no ip dhcp-client network-discovery
lcp max-session-starts 0
interface Ethernet0
ip address (Ethernet0) 255.255.255.x
ip nat inside
ip route-cache flow
load-interval 30
no cdp enable
hold-queue 32 in
interface ATM0
no ip address
no logging event link-status
load-interval 30
no atm ilmi-keepalive
dsl operating-mode auto
hold-queue 224 in
interface ATM0.1 point-to-point
ip address (my external router) 255.255.255.x
pvc X/XX
encapsulation aal5snap
ip classless
ip route (ISP router address)
ip route (DMZ range) 255.255.255.X (external Interface IP of firewall)

no ip http server
no cdp run
banner login ^CC
Unauthorized Users Only^C
line con 0
exec-timeout 60 0
password pa$$w0rd
logging synchronous
transport input none
stopbits 1
line vty 0 4
access-class 20 in
password pa$$w0rd
scheduler max-task-time 5000

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