router firewall configuration

By jammmie ·
Hi there, i have the following situation.

sbs 2003 server
2 nics
zyxel 661 router
5x desktop xp

I want to connect to my network from outside the office.

I need to configure the firewall of my router but i dont know how to do this.

the server is on ip adress
my external ip adress starts 92.****
router is on ip adress

If i type in the ip 92*** internally it will redirect me to the router, if type this ip adres on a computer outside the network it will not load anything.

i set up the nat to open prts to the server.

but i also need to set up prt in the firewall but i have no idea what to refer to what... wan to lan and then which ip adres to another ip adress.

thanks already.

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Port forwarding

by tmalo627 In reply to router firewall configura ...

You need to set up port forwarding on your firewall as well as Firewall rules. I use a different model of Zyxel here. I don't know how similar the interfaces are between mine and yours, but I go to the Advanced section and then Port Forwarding. This allows me to set which port of gets directed to which internal IP address. You then also need to set your firewall rule to permit the traffic.

On my device there is also a Remote management section that allows me to control which protocols can access the device from the LAN, WAN, DMZ or VPN.

Hope this helps.

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firewall rules

by jammmie In reply to Port forwarding

thanks for your answer, i still do not heve it set up correctly.
the port forwarding part is ok.
but know in the section of the firewall i have two choices:
packet direction wan to lan permit?
packet direction lan to lan permit?

then i have a tab with rules. here i made rules to go from wan to lan opening prt 25 110 1723 80 443 from my external ip adres 92.70** to go the my server adress 192 .168.16.2
still something is not working do you have an idea?

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