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Hi Guys,

I have upgraded my internet to 500 MBPS and I also bought the Asus Predator 4K UHD. I am looking to complete my 4K setup and wanted to buy a router capable of handling those speeds. I was reading an article on rthe net and found the Netgear R 9000 to be a pretty good router. Should I be buying a router of such quality or will a simpler router be capable of providing a comfortable experience as well? Any recommendation and suggestion would be helpful.

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Re: router

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Router For 4K Streaming a ...

Sorry, Malwarebytes warned me for a trojan on the article you linked to, so I had to delete the link. Moreover, it wasn't really necessary since there should be enough information about that router elsewhere.

What other quality requirements than "support 500 Mbps" do you want to get a comfortable experience?

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Without repeating why you never get 500 MBPS.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Router For 4K Streaming a ...

That topic is well done. That aside I'd look at the new WiFi 6 routers that have the usual gigabit Ethernet ports. So far these are more than speedy enough.

Unless the buyer needs a repeat discussion why they never see 500 MBPS.
That and I don't see 500 MBPS offered here. I see 500 mbps but not MBPS. I'll accept this as a typo.

Since you didn't tell what your old router was, I can't answer the question about "should I"?

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