Router identification & port forwarding

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I am using my nokia phone as a modem with bluetooth DUN connection on my Desktop for internet browsing. What is my router? I am using BitComet for files downloading from internet.But downloading speed is ristricted due to listening port is blocked. "Your Port is blocked. Check your firewall and NAT router configuration" This is the message displays with yellow light.How to do turn my yellow light into green?

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You need to open a port within the advanced settings of your modem

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So you need to go into the advanced settings of your nokia phone since you're using it as your modem because in your setup you do not have a router. A router would be in between your modem (your phone) and your computer. Your computer would connect to the router (either wirelessly or wired) and the router connect to the phone.

In the advanced settings in your phone (if there are any) you should see NAT. If not, look for port forward/triggering. That's where you would open the ports. You need to set the same port for TCP and UDP. You can use the port listed in Bitcomet (it should be in Preferences) or choose your own port number (such as 59500).

Also make sure that your firewall is allowing Bitcomet outgoing and incoming connections.

If you need more info check out this website:

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