Router Is Connected But I Sometimes Cannot Use The Internet

By erwalker49 ·
I have this Netgear (WGR614) wireless router and I'm having this problem with it. It's connected to my laptop fine and the signal strenth is usually "Very Good" or sometimes even "Excellent." However, my laptop will often say that it is connected but the internet won't work. Do I have something hooked up incorrectly? But there are also times when the internet is working just fine so that is why this is so confusing to me.
My OS is XP.

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by UAnimosity In reply to Router Is Connected But I ...

Always update routers to their latest firmware to ensure any bugs are fixed. Your laptop will always say its connected to the internet because the Wireless Access Point is the *internet* to that machine.

A good test is if you find yourself one time saying the laptop is "online" but can't access anything on the net, do a Start->Run->cmd->ipconfig to find out your default gateway IP. then try pinging your gateway address by using the command: ping defaultgatewayaddresshere

if you get a ping then you can reach your router, and it may be an issue with your ISP. if you can't get a ping then its possible interference with the wireless signal.

hope that helps.

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