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Router Issue or ISP Issue?

By Michael34 ·
My problem is this. I have a 4 Port Linksys cable / DSL router and here resently I have set up a FTP server from my house so I could run some tests on a clients PC which was having some connection issues to the internet. I threw up 4 files on the FTP, A word document, an excel document, a zip document and a mp3. When I attempted to download them through FTP on the clients PC, they downloaded fine with no errors, however when I attempted to open them they would not open. The word and excel gave an error, the Zip said something about a CRS error, and the mp3 said it was not supported. I though it was the FTP software so I went home and checked it out. I can download the files through lan and they work just fine (Such as entering as the URL or FTP Server) however when I attempt to download them through my WAN IP that is when the files do not work. I am wondering if this issue is with my Router or if it is with my ISP. I am using Road Runner Cable for my ISP. Also I ran Apache off the same box and same thing when it comes to downloads, works great through LAN curropts things in WAN. I also attempted to run it off several other computers in my LAN thinking it was that one box but the same thing happens on them all when I go to WAN. Any idea's on if it's my router or if this is my ISP or Cable Modem? I am stumpted.

The router is about 5 years old, we got it the same time our ISP was hooked up so our cable modem is just as old.

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by acattr In reply to Router Issue or ISP Issue ...

you've pretty much determined that it is nothing on the LAN, so the only remaining variables are ISP modem, ethernet cable from cable modem to router, the router, and the ethernet cable from router to LAN.

1. changing both ethernet cables

If it still doesnt work
2. put your ftp server directly on the internet(install a software firewall if you dont want a possibility of getting hacked) This will determine if the issue is with your router.

If it still doesnt work
3. your cable modem or cable wiring are probably bad, get them to replace the modem first, if you cant get them to replace, ask them for the supporting models of modems, and buy one in a store(hopefully you can return it). Call them and tell them the new mac address of your new modem and see if it works. If its still bad, then you probably have too much noise on the cable line. Good luck fighting your Cable company on that one.

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by CG IT In reply to Router Issue or ISP Issue ...

welp, you don't mention this but FTP requires 2 ports to work. ports 20 and 21. If you have port fowarding on the router foward both ports to the FTP server and see if that solves the problem.

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by UncleGeorge In reply to Router Issue or ISP Issue ...

This is a wildish shot. All of those files are bianry. FTP default is text. There is a command in ftp -- >binary which ensures bin type files arrive byte correct. Why this might work on the LAN, not WAN, could be any number of application variances.

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