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    Router needs to be plugged directly into the wall

    by skipshefield ·


    I got a new router because my internet was slow and my ISP recommended getting a new router.

    router came in the mail. I thought “this should take just a minute, I have done this before” I even watched a youtube video for my specific router model number to make sure I don’t miss anything.

    I went to set it up by going to and clicked next next next and every time it would get to the final step, it would produce a generic error, something like “set up was not successful.”

    I reset the router to brand new and kept trying, same error every time. I even called the manufacturer and got a tech guy on the line who didn’t tell me anything I didn’t know. He told me to do exactly what I had been doing all day.

    I am frustrated because this should only take a minute and I have people nagging at me why is the internet not working. 3 hours later, I remembered that when I was reading the amazon reviews for a different brand router, someone wrote “this router will not work if plugged into a power strip or surge protector, it needs to be powered by plugging it directly into a wall outlet” (this is the very reason I did not buy that router)

    I thought maybe that’s the problem. I plugged the router directly into the wall, next next next, set up successful.

    Have you ever heard of this problem? Why does this happen? How does the router know it’s directly plugged into the wall or through power strip? is the power in the power strip somehow different? how can I plug it into the power strip and still have a working router? because now I can’t hide it behind the TV and it looks ugly like this.

    guys, this is very strange, after googling I did not find this problem mentioned too much on the web. it seems that it’s very rare.

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