router or switch

By IT2MD ·
i have a 1-ethernet port cable modem from comcast for my high speed connection...

i also have a desktop (with ethernet capability only) and a laptop (with both ethernet and wireless connectivity) that i use...

of course i can only have one connected at a time because it is only one port...

my question is which would be best...

to connect a wireless router (that's what the isp recommends)...


to get a two port switch...


to get a usb router for the laptop...


any other suggestions you may have so that i can have both computers connected at the same time...

thanks in advance for any suggestions...


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No 2 port switch

by LarryD4 In reply to router or switch

You can't get a two port switch, it won't work. Once you have two PC's on the same ether(listen to me like I'm Robert Metcalfe) , you need a way to route between the two PC's and the internet.

Best reconmendation is the first choice, a wireless router. It will have wired ports for your PC and wireless for your laptop.

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router or switch

by jacobriggan In reply to router or switch

You can do either the switch or the wirless router, or both. if you wanted to. if you do go with wirless i would recommend Linsys

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by LarryD4 In reply to router or switch

How would you use a switch to send data through a port the requires a routing device???

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router or switch

by IT2MD In reply to Switch????

i have an acquaintance that worked as a third party network analyst at my last place of employment...

he brought in a small ethernet switch with at the at least 3 ports, may have been 5 ports, i don't remember...but was used to connect a desktop pc and a network printer to the main network...

i'm not sure if this would work in my situation but that's why i posted this question...

so...continue please ....thanks to all...


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Yes that will work in a work network from switch to switch

by LarryD4 In reply to router or switch

Problem is you will need a device that can route data between two networks, your internal network and the external network, which is the internet.

Cable provides you with a modem that allows you to send data across their broadband network(the coax to your house) and when you have a device plugged in to it that can ask the providers network for an IP address it functions.

But by plugging in that port to a switch, the switch itself has no software to ask for an address to assign to that port. So their is no "smarts" in the switch. So their is no gateway and their is no way out to the web.

I have 5 and 6 port linksys switches all over my work network, that plug in to larger Cisco switches in the closet. But I'm not doing any routing, switches pass data based on NIC address and lower layer ethernet addresses.

Bottom line is you will need a router of some sort to make it work.

If your were to plug a PC in to the port the PC has the logical software to ask the network for an IP address but then you will have a bigger problem because your PC is directly connected to the internet and that could be bad..

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how about a 5 port wireless router?

by Snuffy09 In reply to router or switch

you can use your laptop wireless and your desktop hardwired.

You will have 4 extra ports for expansion also.

Pretty simple

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