Router Problem

By mickspring ·
Hi all,

I have two routers and one phoneline. One of my routers connects to adsl OK but when I want to connect the other router (same line, different location) it won't connect at all. Can I have two routers on the one line?
-Basic Dlink adsl routers

A reply would be greatly appreciated

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by chris_atb In reply to Router Problem

assuming its a home network, and assuming there both running class C subnets (, try changing the subnet of the 2nd router... like this i guess

ADSL --- router 1 --- router 2
( (

reboot and run a pathping and traceroute on a client machine (assuming your using windows 2000/xp), also assuming your using DHCP (which i guess you'd have to be unless your net connection was static) check the DHCP servers are enabled, it'd help if you posted the TCP/IP setups so we could get a better insight as to what and where the problem lies :)

of course if your connecting two routers to the same line, that wont work because the lines taken up by the first connected router, you would have to have a setup very similar to the one i mentioned above to share one phoneline/ADSL-link between two subnets

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by mickspring In reply to hmmm...

Thanks for the reply Chris, although I don't have a direct link between routers, they just share a phoneline so I think I will give up while I'm behind and try something else.

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by chris_atb In reply to Cheers

i think your giving up too easily :) the routers your using are almost bound to have DHCP enabled (DHCP auto assigns IP's and gives the computer its gateway, subnet, DNS address etc... its all automatic), as long as ones plugged into a phone line and there both connected together through RJ-45 cables (or if there both wireless you can set one up to be an access point making it all no fuss ), when you plug the PC's in you shouldnt have a problem as the DHCP will take care of everything :) and if there is any problems id be happy to help, consider it

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Thanks Anyway...

by mickspring In reply to dude

The problem is that our one adsl line at the mdf is looped to 4 different lines which end up in 4 different buildings which are spread over quite a large area. The adsl is used mainly for conferences, so we can not double book at the moment.
It is not practical to run cable between these buildings (>400m) because they will need to go undergound $$$. I was hoping to cut costs by using our existing infrastrucure, but it looks like I am going to look at a wireless solution, which is crap cause there are a ^&%$ load of trees.
Next time I post I will be sure to include more detail. Thanks all anyway.

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One router

by ozi Eagle In reply to Cheers


You can only connect one router to your phone line.

I assume that you have two computers in different rooms and want to give both internet access.

There are two ways to do this.
First using a switch (which maybe built into one of your routers) and run a cable to the second computer.

If you don't want a cable drapped around the place consider a WIFI solution.


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2 routers

by jmk1024 In reply to One router

Actually, you can use two routers. Turn off the DHCP on the second one, and it acts as sort of a Hub or bridge. I am using it as we speak.

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Setup please?

by thekiwimantis In reply to 2 routers

Whats the setup for this?
- Do I give both modems the same login and password to dial to the ISP?
- Do I setup the ip addresses of the modems
as and
or and
- Whats the ip address I give the computers?? or or?

The layout is basically 2 computers, plugged in to 2 different routers, both plugged in to 2 phone jacks all to one phone line.

Its been done before by a friend of mine.

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May i help you

by iteckorg In reply to Router Problem

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