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Router problem

By Sprocket ·
On our domain 2003 server we having running our proxy server (Wingate). We were running all our Internet/Email and VPN through one internet router without problems until recently when we installed a second line and switched our Internet and Email traffic over to it.

Now user keep getting kicked off the internet with Sock 500 errors. Even stranger is that the new router will ping from every machine on the whole network apart from the Domain server, which of course is a problem. If the router is rebooted it will ping from the domain server for a short while and then stop.

We have tried replacing the router but the problem continues. If a user is directed to the internet directly through the router there is no problems. So the problem lies in either the domain server or the proxy server Wingate.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Router problem

Is the domain server also maintaing DNS?

If it is, is there a Forwarder or Root Hint to the router?

If the domain server isn't maintaining DNS, are both the router and the domain server listed in that DNS servers tables?

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by Sprocket In reply to

See comment above

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by Sprocket In reply to Router problem

The domain server is the DNS.

I forgot to say that the default gateway is pointing to a cisco router, which forwards onto the router.

but if i change the default gateway to the router (which also works but bypasses the cisco) we get the same problems but the internet also runs very slowly.

Is there another way to point internet traffic to the router using the routing table on the domain server? which maybe worth trying.

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by Nico Baggus In reply to Router problem

Your basic problem probably is that you have two
default gateways...
but they are not really equal in
function. (because they have different outside
addresses that get natted on the way out. )

You somehow need to specify a different route
for email, or for traffic that only needs to go
to certain addresses.


the internet is behind the router, the mail
server is in a special domain addressed:

Then you only should setup a route to through the the email router to
go to your mail and have the default gateway
point to the new internet router.

If this is a bad assumtion please be more
specific in the problem description .

Kind regards,


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by Sprocket In reply to Router problem

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