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router problem

By Shanghai Sam ·
Client has a Dlink DI 713P wireless router. Client is using broadband cable and rj45 cabling instead of wireless connection (router has 3 rj45 connectors as well as wireless connection). I can get to the router's setup (, but router is unable to obtain settings from the ISP via the cable modem. If the computer is connected directly to the cable modem I can access the internet. If I plug the cable modem into the router I cannot. HERE ARE THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW - I am familiar with setting up routers, this router was a gift to the client (it came without a power supply so they (shudder) plugged the power supply from their scanner into it (same voltage, different amps and I think this is the problem)), don't ask what OS, read the header on this section (OK, 98 if you must know), I CAN connect to the router setup, IT can't get info from the cable modem, I know what a WAN is and that the cable modem must be plugged into the WAN port, WAN port can autosense crossover or not,OJ did it.

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router problem

by Shanghai Sam In reply to router problem

to get into the setup should be not x.x.0.1 second you will need to change the name and possibly ip of the client computer. if it is working when the it is plugged directly into the cable modem then it has the computer name and domain that need to be setup in the router. if the client has the same information as the router it will cause problems. ex my setup here at home the router has my computer name assigned by the isp and the ip address my isp assigns me the client computers 1 -w98 1 w98se and 2-w2k are set up as follows all but 1 w2k machine are static and
last machine is set to obtain auto. since i have a system that needs to obtain automatically i have to have the dhcp enabled onthe router. depending on the cable co some require that the MAC address on the router be the same as the MAC on the met card internally so you might need to clone that in the routers setup (

good luck!

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router problem

by slchiu @ Net Workshop In reply to router problem

Maybe just a cable problem.

Remember that connect the cable modem directly to PC and connect it to the router should use different cable (cross-over). Please check if the LED on your router or the cable modem to see if the they are connected to each other. And also ensure the router set to DHCP mode.

If everything is normal, probably the router itself has hardware problem.


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router problem

by Choppit In reply to router problem

The ISP in question may be expecting a different MAC address. (I'm assuming that the connection was originally connected directly to the client.

Try these;

1) Power the cable modem down for around 12 hours (until the DHCP lease expires). Then reconnect.


2) If the router supports MAC cloning. Obtain MAC from the originally connected NIC and set router to clone this address. This will then appear to the ISP as if the node has never changed.

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router problem

by Alpha-Male In reply to router problem

Good heavens....tell them to at *least* get the right power supply for the router! How expensive can that be when the router itself came free. If you're supplying it with the wrong power it'll NEVER NEVER work reliably.

Other than that, check to see how to assign the port connected to the ISP an address from their DHCP server or assign the appropriate static IP address. The router needs to know what IP is on the external interface as well as the internal address....

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router problem

by bchesmer In reply to router problem

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