router problem pls help...

By super_piyok ·
i have a router in my computer shop dlink DI-704P model, my problem here is how can i connect to this router if im in the office, what can i configure inside the router so that can i access tru internet or remote access. thanks in advance

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by umar_q50 In reply to router problem pls help.. ...

first instal vnc on your computer then open two ports for vnc on your router and give your internal ip address.
i m not sure about dlink router but normaly for opening ports you need to go to NAT open ports then do like this..
1 TCP 5800 5800
2 TCP 5900 5900
I did like this and its working fine.try this and if you have any queries then reply me then we see whts the problem...

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Keep in mind - free vnc is insecure

by TG2 In reply to vnc

Keep in mind, free versions of VNC are not secure.

If you can, you should restrict the ip's that can connect to your office machine.

I didn't bother to look up your router model, you should .. if your router model has a built in PPTP server you could use that for slightly better security.

And on another note, you could install Hamachi on both machines and use the hamachi vpn client as a way to connect your machines together using vnc or if XP and newer, with remote desktop.

Direct to the Hamachi download:

or read up more about it:


personally... I'd go the Hamachi route, then use VNC on top of it if you wanted to allow someone in the office to work with you at the same time, but if not, then I'd use Hamachi and Remote Desktop.

I've used VNC over Hamachi to help those family members of mine that, god help them, they're great people but just not great with computers.. and it was increadibly easy to walk them through the install and test of hamachi (sort of required), just do so yourself, and take notes if you need to..

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