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    Router simulators: a means to an end, not an end in…..


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    Hi all, i am currently working on my CCNP cert and caught in the dilemma ?simulators or routers?. Now, let me start off by saying that I believe that nothing can replace real routers, nothing! Some Lesson learned with a real router can not be reproduced on a ?sim?, that just the way it is. I know I own the Boson CCNA sim and some Cisco 2501 routers and work with them both.
    My question more speaks to the ability of the ?sims? to adequately cover the relevant labs and their highlights and how they map to cisco exam objectives. More over I am seeking feedback on ?SIMS? as a tool to give me the relevant exposure to complex router configurations that I can not afford to purchase right now. I know that enroute to my CCIE I will need to invest in some serious hardware to build a decent lab, but right now I can?t afford it but still need to complete the CCNP track.

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      Router Simulators 2

      by seanc ·

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      You are absolutely correct. You cannot replace real routers with sims and expect to be proficient in your training. I do believe however that you can get adequate sims to cover the objectives of the topics that you are studying. There are alot of cheap sims that you can purchase on ebay. Go to ebay and search on CCNP/CCIE. I too am studying for the CCNP. I have done 2/5 exams for the CCSP already. I use a mixture of sims and real equipment. The sims are convenient for repeating configs without doing the no or clear command. I know you can overcome this just by not doing the copy run start command but it is good practice to do everything by the book. You mentioned that you have some 2500 routers. It is possible to emulate frame relay etc..simply by the way you connect the routers. You can have virtual interfaces that you can assign ip addresses etc..

      In a nutshell, sims are good providing you use the right ones. It is also important to have the hardware to get used to the physical connections and messing around with the CLI.

      For my CCIE, I plan to mess around with the Sims and then rent some racks online just to nail the stuff down.

      Good luck !!!!

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      What if you had the hardware emulator and just load the IOS on it ?!

      by marco ·

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      Check out this site:


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