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Router stopped working...

By cyberghost_1 ·
Hey all, here is the problem. I was at work, online...when all of a sudden all 4 PC's that are on the Network lost Internet connection. Here is the Setup:

512kbps Cable Modem --> Netgear 4 Port Router
--> 3Net 8 Port Switch --> 4 PC's

I went through the on/off steps with the Modem, Router, Switch and PC's. With no luck, I connected the Modem directly to the Switch and found that the ISP part was fine. The problem is at the Router. I can't log onto the Router anymore either...
This causes a Network problem because while there is Internet access, I set the IP's on each PC manually to allow Remote Connections, and other functions with in the use of the office network. Since the router doesn't work I can't have both the Manual IP's/Network and Internet access at the same time...it is one or the other. All the lights on the router were fine...Internet, Power, Ports etc... I lost connectivity while I was working...all 4 PC lost the connection at the same time???
Everything has been working fine for a long time until today...What is the suspected culprate...I am leaning towards the Router. Should I replace it since I thinks I have narrowed down to that being the problem?
Here is how I had the IP's configured:
IP: through 0.7
Gateway: (router)

I have had that config for a while with no problems...why all of a sudden???
Like I said taking the Router out of the picture eliminates the problem..except for the whole NETWORK THING...PLEASE HELP ASAP


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by willcomp In reply to Router stopped working...

Did you reset the router (reset button, not powering off and on)? After a reset, router must be reconfigured.

If you still cannot access router via IP address after reset, it's time to replace router.

Do the above with only 1 PC connected to router, in case problem lies with a client PC. Highly unlikely, but nothing's impossible.


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by willcomp In reply to

Re: Sarge's comment about updating firmware.

You have to be able to access router to update firmware.

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by cyberghost_1 In reply to

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by softcorp.us In reply to Router stopped working...


willcomp is right. If your router does not come back to life after a reset, it is probably dead.

Your router is basically a PC and it is probably running Linux or BSD. My Linksys WRT54 broadband router runs Linux. You could have a hardware failure (replacement needed). Or, you could merely have a software problem that can be resolved by the reset that willcomp recommended. Reset should clear out flash memory storing your settings and any problematic data so the router (computer) can start fresh.

Why all of a sudden? It could be data driven. That is, something came down the wire that caused the router to crash. As willcomp said, it could even be one of the PCs on your LAN sending too much crap to the router and it croaked. A good router program will not crash due to data received, but you know how that goes.

Good luck.

-----Steve Jackson

Software Corporation (Softcorp)
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by softcorp.us In reply to

Clarification about data-driven problem: By "too much crap", I'm referring to packets with errors in them. If the router's error-handling code is not rock solid, and there are errors being sent by some device (on the Internet side or on the LAN side...it could be any computer anywhere), the router could stop working due to it. As you know, sending packets with errors is a common technique hackers use to break into things.

But, it would not have to be errors. If there were a bug in the router's software, even valid data could cause the router to stop routing packets. It is controlled by a program that can have bugs just like any other program.

And, just to be on the safe side, don't bad mouth your router when it can hear you. :-)

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by cyberghost_1 In reply to

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Router stopped working...

saying it croaked because it got too much data. that is a good one. like saying the server crashed becasuse you talked bad about it in front of it...
i think you nailed it. you have weird problem that used to work,nothing changed and all owf a sudden doewn't work. tht is hrdware imho.
this is vulnerable single point of failure. ask them for spare?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

maybe could be code red virus? how old this router? you culd try upgrading the firmware in it.

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by cyberghost_1 In reply to

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by cyberghost_1 In reply to Router stopped working...

Here is the deal...I did try to reset the router with no luck. Although today I came to work and said what if the router happened to work again. IT DID for about 4 hours and then the same thing happened again. No IP conflicts or any more info.

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