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    Router to a Router with Modem


    by djssuk ·

    I have a DLink dsl – 504 router with built in ADSL modem and I now have a DLink-DIR-655 wireless router.

    I need to plug the DIR – 655 router into the DSL -504 router modem to connect all pc’s to the internet. However, I can’t seem to connect to the internet on any PC’s connected to the dir-655 by wires or wirless means.

    I guess this is a settings conflict but have no idea what to look for or check.

    Any clues or help is much appreciated.

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      try this…

      by jmil ·

      In reply to Router to a Router with Modem

      Suppose DLink dsl – 504 has this ip on lan if:

      Suppose DLink-DIR-655 wireless router has this ip on wireless interface:
      and on lan interface.

      Link DLink dsl – 504 router with DLink-DIR-655 wireless router via utp cable (you will need cross over cable if there’s 1 utp port on each router).

      Setup DLink-DIR-655 wireless router on the WAN setup with these settings:
      Gatway IP:

      Setup client pcs with these settings:




      Use WEP or WPA encryption on WLAN for protection against intruders.

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        by djssuk ·

        In reply to try this…

        I will try this tomorrow, or as soon as I can get a crossover. I assumed that because I have an Ethernet pot for modem connection on my Wireless Lan, the dir-655 it would connect to one of the four ports on the wired lan, the dl – 504. I thought a normal ethernet rj-45 would do… goes to show how coplex networking is…

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          by jmil ·

          In reply to Thanks

          if one side has more than 1 eth ports then is
          a switch so u dont need a cross cable..

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          by rintilia ·

          In reply to reply

          Hi all

          I have a similar problem you just responded that jmil responded to, but need major clarification.

          I am running on a Mac G4, but that should have no relevance to the hook up.

          I have a D-Link DSL-604T Modem/Router. I just bought a D-Link DIR-655 router….my mistake, thought it was a modem/router. i have seen posts to the other gentlemen’s similar problem, but here goes again. I would like to us 604T as modem only (or go out and buy a one), and use the DIR-655 as the Access Point . I followed te suggetsions on thsi thread, and I haev a Ethernet cable crossing over from the 604T and left, I tied to un-tick using the 604T as the AP, and then I lost all connection. Both units have multiple swotching or access ports so, I assuem I can just use an ethernet cable to feed teh signal from the 604T to mthe new 655….but the new 655 does not light uop the internet ligt…so I assume I am still running off the old 604T.

          Second question my MAC G4 is not N compliant only G, but I knew that. Do you now of anyway I can take advantage of the mega speed this 655 router can give me. This issue is secondary.

          Thanks in advance

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          Thought I might try and help

          by michael kassner ·

          In reply to Help

          First, to make sure you just want the 604 to deliver the Internet to the downstream devices, but not wireless? The next question is if you want the 604 to still act as the DHCP server, usually that is the best approach as it is configured for that already. Then it appears that you only want the new 655 to just act as an access point (AP). If so then you need to disable the DHCP server application in the 655. Next connect an Ethernet cable from the 604 to one of the switch ports on the 655, not the Internet port. That way the 655 is just acting as an AP.

          You should see some improvement from using the 655 Pre-release N firmware, but in order to have the full capability you will need to have the client adapter that is paired with the 655.

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      Another Option

      by michael kassner ·

      In reply to Router to a Router with Modem

      You have another possible option. If you are wanting the existing router to be the DHCP server and gateway, as well as just use the new wireless router as an AP. All you have to do is configure the wireless router to not be a DHCP server and connect it to the existing router by using an Ethernet cable. Make sure to plug the cable into one of the switch ports of the wireless router, not the Internet/WAN port.

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