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By osuno1 ·
I am trying to seperate my home network into two networks. One network 192.168.1.x (a host (XP Home), a print server (HP 3-port) and another network that has 6 other hosts (mini-lab) 10.0.0.x (multiple OS's) through another router (preferably a linux router that anyone can suggest). I have a linksys 8-port Router/Gateway that the 192.169.1.x network will connect to and I want the other network to be connected to the linux router and then go through the linksys router to the cable modem to the internet. Can this be done and how do I go about it? Any good documentation out that for what I want to do? Thanks ahead for your cooperation and support! You professionals are truly inspirational!

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by mhartmann In reply to Router to Gateway

Okay, enalbe oder disable on the Linksys the DNS/DHCP, on the Linux you need to activate the DNS-Server, DHCP-Server, Proxy-Server (and Firewall). BUT, your routing will take longer since it needs to pass 2 routers, ... but I am sure you know that. Edit your ARP-List on your Linux-Router if that doesnt do it automatically.

Ping from the Linux Router your PCs in your 10.x.IP-Range and than in your 192.x.IP-Range.

If all that works, try to ping 10.x. vs. 192.x. - for I-Net Access beware to enter more DNS-Server than only the Linux-Server! I would enter the Linkssys-Gateway IP and your ISP-DNS.

Easy .... aint it? ;-)
We did that about 1 year ago ... but that is all I remember *ggg* ... give me feedback!

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by CG IT In reply to Router to Gateway

heres an article from Toms Networking web site which discusses this issue.

for more on subnetting a home network or a SOHO see this article

Another source on Toms Networking web site is an article by Tim Higgins - July 2003 problemsolver: Setting up file and printer sharing between to routers which goes along with subnetting a home or SOHO. Sharing files between subnets tends to be a configuration problem with one subnet set of hosts trying to find another set of hosts on a different subnet. Hosts typically cant see other hosts on a different subnet when using My Network Places. WINS server seems to resolve this.

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by briantruitt In reply to Router to Gateway

This can be done quite easily. Basically, the way I would do this is to shut off DHCP (I've never been a fan) on the Linksys. Assign static IP's to the XP and print server and keep a third in mind for the Linux router. After this is complete, insure that all work successfully (XP and the print server). If everything works you can start setting up your lab. As far as Linux routers go everyone has their favorite. You can try Smoothwall, IPCop, Linux Router Project, etc. Let's say you choose IPCop. Take an extra machine and install IPCop on it. There's tons of info and documentation on the install and config out on the internet. Take your time and learn the why's and how's. I imagine the WAN or Internet interface IPCop would be a 192.168.1.x address and the LAN would be your 10.1.1.x address. Before adding machines to that IP range, insure that the router can see the 192.168.1.x network and the Internet. If everything's a go, then start dropping machines on your mini-lab. Take your time and make sure each step works before going to the next step. It helps with troubleshooting down the road.

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