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router traffic monitoring tools

By johnsonm ·
Hello out there,

I am researching tools to monitor network traffic over router ports to keep track of bandwidth usage. About the best I've found to date in graphical form is a Perl program called Multiple Router Traffic Grapher. This works great at graphing traffic per port on a router but it doesn't really have a function to show bandwidth details such as what percent HTTP or SMTP or even what percentage total bandwidth (56% of 1.544Mbps, etc.). Does anyone out there have any favorites that might be useful? Or can MRTG be modified to get what I'm looking for?

Any comments are appreciated.

Mike Johnson

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by DukeBytes In reply to router traffic monitoring ...

If you are really looking for usage based on HTTP / FTP etc.. you should take a look at webtrends. It can produce report based on any number of things and does a really good job of it.

I'm not sure if you looking for raw bandwidth usage - but itdoesn't sound like it to me. If you are - you need something like HP open view - or one of the big boys like that because of the WAN. That is a bit more involved than something like LANalyzer can handle.

You might need both... Check out the webtrends stuff - you'll like it.

Good luck,

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by pdelaney In reply to Traffic

Take a look at NTOP ( It uses the same RRD database (RRDTool) that the developer of MRTG also provides as an option for MRTG.

I believe that it provides information about bandwidth traffic on a packet level, meaning that itcan decipher what type of packet it is.

Good luck

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by petermjames In reply to router traffic monitoring ...

You may be interested in having a look at our product MAX from Nettasking ( You can graph utilisation by rate or percent and look at trends from the last hour to the last year. You can also look at patterns (ie what happens at any time in a typical day or week) and distribution (eg what proportion of the time are you over 70% utilisation). MAX can also help you monitor application response time, servers, email health, web engine health, database health and even computer room temperature, humidity and power. You can keep track of performance against an SLA and get both regular reports and real time warnings of exceeded thresholds (eg utilisation staying above 80% for more than 20 minutes).

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