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I am looking to replace a Netgear UTM 25S router, due to the company discontinuing the prosecure UTM routers but, I am at a loss on what company and or product to go with. The main features I need the UTM 25S has which are: Ability to create up to 300 services and 300 inbound / outbound rules, Ability to limit which PC's have access to the internet by MAC address, Ability to limit speeds by MAC address, Ability to assign IP addresses to MAC addresses, in which if the PC's IP changes they will not have internet access, Built in firewall / router with at least 200 mb throughput.. I am at a huge loss because Netgear has served our company for years and offered all of that in a simple web GUI which has made things work out good, but I haven't really researched outside Netgear as they have always been good with upgrades and support, but it appears now they are leaving small companies like me in the dust.

I know one of the main issues I've ran in to are the services and port forwarding. Most home routers and business routers I have checked in to have a small limit (Usually 50 services, 30 inbound / outbound rules) when it comes to rules and that is something I need as we run several virtual servers that require port forwarding as well as services that require it which I am thinking is going to be a nightmare to find something that has most of the features of a netgear UTM 25S at a good price range (UTM was around $800 after we got all the subscriptions, which we really don't use much), but I understand other products will probably be more, but it needs to be a router with the above features we can plug in directly to our switch, nothing too complicated. Any product suggestions would be appreciated.

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