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I have a Comcast wireless router, which does not work half the time, so I have an ethernet cable hooked up to it. I have been having problems with my connections; I can get on and then I get kicked off after a few minutes, this has been happening for several days. Of course, Comcast will not be out to look at it for a few days, I have an online class,so this obviously is a problem. I have restarted both my computers and reset the router. My sons laptop also is experiencing the same problem. Can I buy my own router and use it instead of Comcasts' router?


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You can use your own router

by Mr.Wiz In reply to Routers

but you'll still have to use their modem. That is the setup I used when I had Comcast.

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Get your own Router

by jc2it In reply to Routers

You will want to buy a name brand wireless router (Linksys is great, D-Link & Netgear too), and do not spend extra for Pre-N wireless. Your laptops don't use it yet anyway.

Here are a couple of pointers with wireless.

First how many people in your neighborhood have wireless. If you live in a tight neighborhood with a bunch of wireless signals then it may be saturated.

Second, Does this happen when someone uses a wireless phone, or microwave. These both use the same spectrum, and can and will cause interferance. My WiFi drops everytime my wife uses the cordless phone.

Last, you can download a program called NetStumbler that may help you see what is in your neighborhood, and there are inexpensive WiFi diagnostic tools that will show devices that are causing interference.

Good Luck!

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by mjd420nova In reply to Routers

Interference is the biggest problwm here. I've had to mount a number of grounded screens around the router to keep others out and prevent pre-N type routers from interfering. I've not had cell phone or cordless type of interference, just other routers and neighbors tapping in.

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