Routers and IP addresses

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If a peer to peer workgroup with four wired workstations (each workstation has two NICs) has a 4-port router and two hubs and each hub has two PC?s ---one hub for a LAN, and one hub for WAN, do the PC?s on the one hub have to have the third octet of the TCP/IP IP address ( unique / different to the two PC?s on the other hub?

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Very confusing....

by suresh_ig In reply to Routers and IP addresses

question itself very confusing.....let me think... i will let u know...

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Of you want them to talk....

by bart777 In reply to Routers and IP addresses

All fo the PC's need to have the same network address.
Enable only 1 NIC on each box and give it a unique address with the 4th octet. All machine will have a class C subnet mask. Thr router will also need an address on this network for it's internal interface if you want these PCs to connect to the internet.

Best of luck.

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