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Routing 2 different networks.

By mezdor ·
I need to combine 2 networks into one, Net-A = 56k fractional t-1 connection. all systems have static IP including the router out.
Net-B =1.3kb DSL connection. I do have a Bussiness router that brings in the DSL. Efficient Networks mod #5861. I have the DSL set And I need to add the 2nd network, All internet traffic will go to the DSL connection and ALL telnet sections will go out throught the 56k connection. Any Ideas on setting the route pattern in the DSL router?

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by mshavrov In reply to Routing 2 different netwo ...

Let me summarize your question, if I understand it correctly:

1. You have 2 private network and one Internet connection. "Central" location has DSL to Internet and 56K FR link to "Remote" location.

2. You have some servers in "Remote" location, you want telnet to.

3. You want users from "Central" location to be able to browse Internet through DSL link.

4. Suppose you may want servers/users in "Remote" location to browse Internet through DSL link in "Central" location.

5. Lets say we have following IP addresses in use:
"Central" -
"Remote" -

Let look at two possible scenarios:

1. You have one router in "Central" location with 2 links (56K FR & DSL). In this case you should configure following routing in "Central" router: -> ethernet (LAN) -> Frame Relay 56K -> DSL (default route)

In "Remote" location: -> Ethernet (LAN) -> Frame Relay (since it's only way out)

2. In case you have 2 separate routers in "Central" location, one for DSL and one for Frame Relay. In this case you must configure same routing in "Central-DSL" router with exception of: -> "Central-FR" router

In "Central-FR" router: -> Frame Relay 56K -> "Central-DSL" router

That's all. Then you should configure your PCs with "Central" (or "CentralDSL") router IP address as Default Gateway.

If you have more questions - send me an e-mail.

Good luck.

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by flan In reply to Routing 2 different netwo ...

Buy a Cisco Router with 3 ethernet ports.
create a dhcp server and move everyone to dhcp. configure e1 to route internet traffic, connect to dsl router
configure e2 to route telnet traffic, connect to 56k router
connect e3 to the lan.

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