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Routing 2 subnets

By matto ·
I'm new to the Windows2000 routing enviornment. I have 2 private subnets: and We have 2 PVC Frames and the location uses the subnet for all it's internet access. Users on that subnet also need to have information returned from a database on the subnet.

How do I set up the static route and gateway for under the Windows2000 routing and remote access service?

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Routing 2 subnets

by Stillatit In reply to Routing 2 subnets

If you are using Frame Relay, you have a router at each end of the Frame connection, and you do not need to use W2K routing.


In this case, the machines on have routerC as their default gateway.

RouterC has routerB as its default gateway.

RouterB has a static route to routerC for mask (the mask is critical -- without it you have junk), and routerA as its default gateway.

RouterA has astatic route to routerB for mask (the mask is critical -- without it you have junk), and has the ISP-provided gateway address as its default gateway. This router should also provide NAT for both of your subnets.

All stations on should have RouterA as their default gateway.

If, for some unknown reason, you are using W2K boxes in place of the routers, set them up the same way. Define each NIC card, checking the masks. Add the static routes, again checking themasks. Make VERY sure that you have all MASKs set to This is critical, since the default mask for a range 10 address is, which would make both your subnets on the same network and thus disable routing.

Good luck.

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