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By stellavincy ·
I have a router CISCO 1721 in my US office.And a same kind of router in my indiam office too.I ahve few systems connected to to therouter in the INDIAN office.I just want to know how all my systema in India uses the Router in US in order to access the internet. is there any routing algorithm for that(To be very simple my systems in my Indian office shud use the private IPS to access the internet thru my router in US.It would be great if the explanations are pretty clear .Because I am just going to implement the same.....without any changes.I am not a networking expert.It would be great if the responce is instantaneous and if it si sent to my E-mail

Stella Vincent

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If I understand you correctly

by jdmercha In reply to routing

I think what you want to do is set up a VPN.

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by stellavincy In reply to If I understand you corre ...

It is not actually VPN...My machines in INDIA shud be able to access the internet thru the router in US.I just need the routing table or the routing algorithm

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Are you running publicly routable IPs?

by georgeou In reply to reg:routing

You can't route private IPs through the public Internet unless you're at least using a GRE tunnel or an IPSEC tunnel. Please explain in detail.

FYI, this belongs under "Questions" and not under "Discussions".

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reg: routing

by stellavincy In reply to Are you running publicly ...

Hi George,
We have a dedicated line between our US office and our Indian office.And the MPLS circuit is already there and it acts as a tunnel.
In simple my computers in chennai using the private IP shud browse internet using the router in US which gets the public IP.I just want to do a NATTING if I am not wrong....
provide me with the NAting table

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Can you provide a diagram and a detailed explaination?

by georgeou In reply to reg: routing

I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to do. Your choices for routing with MPLS is either static or BGP since you don't have an actual point to point layer 2 connection between the sites.

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