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Routing and Firewalls.

By G-Spin ·
Hopefully somebody can give me a hand with this as i'm still fairly new to routing IP's.

Here's the scenario. Our ISP runs their line to a small 10/100 hub that we have setup. (Which goes to our 3Com switches) The reason we have the hub at all isbecause we run surfcontrol on one of our machine that plugs into the first port of the hub. This way all the traffic hits it so the program can function (it's a sniffer). I know we can do this with a VLAN and port mirroring but that's not an option as of yet. Anyway, what I wanted to do was stick a firewall on the surfcontrol machine and have all traffic route through it. I know you can do this 2 NIC's and ICS (internet connection sharing). But I was looking for something more reliable, like being able to just route the traffic from one NIC through the firewall and surfcontrol to the other NIC and then to the rest of the network. This way we wouldn't have to work around ICS's DHCP junk. Is there anyway of doing this??

Also what is a good recommendation for a software firewall. I was thinking along the lines of ZoneAlarm Pro or something.

Oh and we are running NT 4.0, although we can move the machine to another OS. (Like 2000)

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Routing and Firewalls.

by mcoya In reply to Routing and Firewalls.

I would suggest buying a hardware firewall, for example the Cisco PIX 501 it's inexpensive very reliable and configurable. Get ride of the hub, Take your facilities straight into a VLAN on the switch plug one end of the firewall into the vlan plug the other end into the internal lan the also plug the surfcontrol into the vlan. That way you are still getting firewall capablities and also the sniffer is examining the packets before they hit the internal lan. If you want me to go into it furtherit will be easier to explain it with a visio diagram email me if you are interested.

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Routing and Firewalls.

by G-Spin In reply to Routing and Firewalls.

We are moving to a Cisco VLAN router in the near future. However it is extremely difficult to convince management to make changes. Especially hardware ones.

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