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Routing and Remote Access

By dominicjohnson83 ·
Hi Guys and Girls,

I really need your help on this question:

I have a Windows 2000 Server with two network cards.

Eth1 - LAN

Eth2 - Handles Internet connection provided by a ADSL Firewall router.
DNS - some isp address

The Windows box is set as a domain controller, dhcp server, dns server.
Internet browsing is excellent on the server.

My aim is to get access from to to browse the internet without enabling the rediculous internet connection sharing mechanism on my box.

I have tried setting up RRAS (internet connection server - router with NAT routing protocol) and it doesnt seem to work...

Errors when trying to reach from client machine ( with RRAS activated on the server:
request timed out

Cannot ping
Can ping

When RRAS is turned off i can resolve to an IP obviously because of my DNS server ( and still cant ping...

Setting up internet connection sharing seems to do all weird things to my server such as **** up dns or active directory or dhcp.

In dhcp i have the following scope options -

DNS Server-
Router - (i have also tried with

Do you think asking my ISP for a bridged connection to the net may help solve this issue??

any input would be appreciated.. or if you have any furtner questions im more than willing to find out the answers for u.



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Ok - I had the same scenario

by meldrew In reply to Routing and Remote Access


I had a similar problem
Basically I had 2 2003 DC servers on separate networks but sharing the ADSL connection.

I put an additonal NIC in each server and enabled the Routing and remote access on each one adding NAT. I too was getting inetrnet access on each of the servers altough not on the client machines UNTIL I configured the interfaces into the NAT. This is not done automatically by the wizard and you ahve to add each interface manually.

I hope this helps

Best regards


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Just a thought from Network perspective

by yu.chiu In reply to Routing and Remote Access

Wonder if this will work:
1. Is pingable from
2. If so, point GW on ETH1 LAN to
3. Perfrom NAT to convert your addresses to addresses on your ADSL firewall router.
From network point of view, it makes more sense to perfrom NAT on the router than on the server.

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