Routing and Remote Access Needing Constant Resets

By N3TS3cur3 ·

I'm running a chat server and I have clients connecting via modems. We have Routing and Remote Access Service handling the calls, but for some reason every now and then the service seems to go stagnant and needs to be reset. The service will show as on under server manager, but no calls can be made to the server. Once we reset the server everything is fine until a few hours later when it needs to be done again. Any ideas?

Basic infrastructure:

Client (Modem)
Server-side Modem bank
DigiBox Serial/Ethernet converter
Cisco Switch
Cisco Router

I can set a batch file to run every few hours to reset the service, but if someone is using it, it becomes a productivity issue because it'll cut out someone who happens to already have a call established. Plus, I'd rather find out what's going wrong rather than just band-aid it.

Any ideas?

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RRAS on what version of Windows server?

by robo_dev In reply to Routing and Remote Access ...

Are there multiple Ethernet interfaces in the server?

When the service is unresponsive, can you ping on all server interfaces?

Windows has some 'self repair' features such as dead-gateway detection that will switch the default gateway when it detects a more efficient route....this can be an issue when there are multiple ethernet nics, and multiple routes.

Overall, if you are using RRAS to do NAT, that can be problematic....but not sure how you have the various devices configured from an IP perspective. Would assume the server is running static IP addresses...

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