routing between two lans

By mseaman ·
I have one lan connect using a Linksys wirless nat router, i also have a testing/learning network with 5 pc's, Cisco 3550 switch and 2600 router with 2 ethernet interfaces. Lan A (Linksys wireless) | Lan B (testing/learning) The 2600 router e/0 address e/1 Linksys address

I want to beable to get out to the internet from the test/learning network. I have rip protocal enabled, network and .2.0
I can ping both interfaces...but can not get out. I have been searching for some direction to no luck. If someone can maybe point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.


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by NaughtyMonkey In reply to routing between two lans

a default route, maybe on both.

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Not sure

by mseaman In reply to try...

I have tried removing RIP and setting static route but that did not seem to work. I have also on my test network pc's set the default gateway to the linksys is set up as a gateway and not a router. When I set it up as a route I cant get out to the internet at all on my home network of Thanks for the reply.


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WAN Card settings

by netwrk_admn In reply to routing between two lans

Can you get out on the internet with Lan A (wireless)?

The way i see it is you have the internal network set up correctly, or at least functioning, I hope. Try multiple trace routes and nail down where you can and can't go on the network.

The ( IP route x.x.x.x - where x.x.x.x would be the next hop onto your ISP's network) is a good suggestion if you are stuck. This tells the router to route all traffic that is supposed to go outside (ex. internet).

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Yes I can

by mseaman In reply to WAN Card settings

I can get to the internet on Lan A. On lan B I can not. From Lan B I can ping both interfaces on the Cisco 2600 but can not get to the internet.

Ok I think I understand on the next hop. On the 2600 set the next hop from Lan B to the IPS network. I will try that when I get home.
thanks for the direction/thinking.


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by NaughtyMonkey In reply to WAN Card settings

a default route. Sorry I didn't explain better what it was. Where he said going to the next hop is called a default route. This has nothing to do with you computer settings. Hope that clears it up.

ip route (insert wan interface here)

edit to add instruction.

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Maybe its the linksys

by mseaman In reply to WAN Card settings

I have tried the trace routes and get as far as the .2.1 interface. I also configured the next hop onto the isp's network, still can not route out. I am thinking it is the linksys router, it is setup as a gateway and not a router. When I select router for the configuration in the linksys, then my network can not access the network. I think I should try to elimnate the linksys from this network and see if I am configuring the Cisco 2600 correctly. any ideas on the linksys config that I should use? Either gateway or router. Linksys user guide is not helpful for my senerio.


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