Routing between two networks

By satish_patel ·
Dear Sir,
At my office I have two networks
Network A:
Network B:
Both network runs indepedently with it's own diff. ADSL ISP. and no probelm.

But now We want to connect these two networks ( Network A and Network B )
so that Network A can access Network B and Network B can access Network A.I thinks some sort of routings needs to be done for the same but I don't know how i.e whether I need two router or only one router also what routes must be added to which router.
I would be gratefull If you can give me suggestion on this.

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2nd router

by alphatech9 In reply to Routing between two netwo ...

What kind of router do you have? Some routers allow you to run two networks, some don't.

Getting a second router and hooking it into a common switch will also work.

You will have to configure a routing protocol for both routers or both networks. OSPF is probably your best bet.

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linux router

by satish_patel In reply to 2nd router

I have Redhat Enterprise linux having two lancads ( L1 and L2 ) configured. Please suggest in details what routes must be added to communicate each network

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Firewalls anywhere?

by CG IT In reply to linux router

routers typically by default will "route" packets to the default gateway if they are not destined for the local LAN. If there is no default gateway or no external connectivity to route the packets out, then the router just drops em.

If you have a firewall in place, the firewall must allow the traffic through so whatever protocol is used to send the packet, that must be allowed through the firewall.

You can add static routes to the routing table in a router which would take priority over the default gateway route.

If you don't know how to configure your default gateway and/or static routes on your router, then I suggest that google for said information. The web is loaded with how to articles on network routing.

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