routing betwenn vlan on hp procurve 3500yl

By M@nu ·
1 - could y tell me how i create routing between 4 VLAN on HP Procurve 3500yl :
VLAN ID 100 - VoIP:
VLAN ID 11 - Guest-WLAN:

2 - How i use the default gateway A( on vlan VoIP ?

3 - how i user the default gateway B ( on vlan DATA ?

4 - and the last question : on a computer who NIC doesn't support VLAN Tagging, a tagging software exist ?

it's very important for me.



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Untag access ports

by alienson In reply to routing betwenn vlan on h ...

to enable routing just use the command

#ip routing

and then under each vlan use command

#ip address .......

and put the address which is going to be the default gateway to this vlan like for vlan 100

in the switch, but you have to notice that once the routing is enable all vlan will be able to connect to each other, then you have to define access list.

and aslo you need to configure DHCP server to provide the clients in every vlan with the appropriate ip address with in the range

for the tagging part, you need to UNTAG every port that is a member in the specific vlan

and only tag the uplinks between connected to other switches or routers in every vlan.

let's saye ports 1, 2 ,4 are members of vlan 100, and port 13 is connected to another switch,
then you will do this:
#vlan 100
#untagged 1,2,4
#tagged 13

and so on for the other ports, untagged in there vlans only that's it.

If you need further information or you have any confusion please don't don't hesitate to ask.

Islam Hassan

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Reponse To Answer

by deuiworld In reply to Untag access ports

Dear Hassan, help me to define access list
so not all vlan connected


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wi-mwx through hp switch 3500yl

by hudafun In reply to routing betwenn vlan on h ...

i have hp switch 3500yl and i have port 21 tagged for wi-max and i can ping the switch that connected after wi-max but the wi-max when i ping it give request time out but woking but doesnt ping

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Reponse To Answer

by robo_dev In reply to wi-mwx through hp switch ...

Please post a new question...the original question is from four years ago and has nothing to do with yours.

Please describe the topology of your setup, as the first question is whether this is all one network/VLAN and where your router is, logically.

At a high level, the default gateway for the client has to be correct for ping replies to fidn their way back to the client.

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