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Routing Issue

By Marc.Hall ·

2 switches
4 Linux PC's(Fedora Core 2, Kernel 2.6)


------- --------
|X 1|------> |4 Y|
| | Eth | |
|A 3 2|------> |5 6 D|
-------- 11g ---------
| |
|Eth Eth |
| |
| |
-------- 11b ---------
| 7 8|--------|10 12 |
| | SATCOM | |
|B 9|--------|11 C|
-------- ---------

1 to 4, 3 to 7, 6 to 12 Eth 100
2 to 5 11g (wireless)
8 to 10 11b
9 to 11 SatCom
X = Server
Y = Client

subnets are set up as(cannot change):
A: (Ethernet) (Wire 11G)
B: (Ethernet) (Wire 11B) (Sat Comm)
C: (Ethernet) (Wire 11B) (Sat Comm) (Ethernet) (Wire 11g)

The only data flow restriction is from the client to the server.No data can flow directly from the client to the server, only from the server to the client(drawn in the direction of the arrows). I am familiar with networking(not an expert) but have little experience with Linux).

Questions: Should(do) I need ip forwarding on all systems or just B and C?
Do I set B and C as gateways? and how are they configured?
(I read an article where, in my case example(using B), I would configure node B's ip address of to have a the gateway of and B's ip address of to have a gateway of Is this overdoing it?)
I have configured the systems to what I believe is the correct configuration but can never ping through from D to B or A(something I suspect being a gateway issue).
It does not matter how the switches come into play, but I would like to have no node's directly connected to each other.
In my current configuration I can ping all IP's from D to all IP's to C.
Is this possible?
Both switches involved is not required.

I would appreciate any help given.


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