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Routing Problem

By marc_campbell ·
I work for a charity organisation in Glasgow and I have received excellent advice from various members over the last few months. We have signed a deal with a telecommunications company for them to roll out a voice over IP solution throughout our company (80 users). Following on from the company working late last week, the following morning our staff began experiencing difficulty with email access. In order to rectify this problem we had to carry out some re-routing. The set up of the email before installation was that email would route through the MAIL server and then the ISASERVER which was used as the gateway. This was changed by the telecommunications upon installing the new equipment. At present our company consists of a main site and 3 remote sites. At present, we cannot connect to the main DNS server from these sites and as such we cannot access files etc from these sites. However, at these sites the VOIP phones do work. There is a switch and a router set up at each remote site and there is a hub at the main site. Please can anyone offer any reason why the remote sites can't now reach the main DNS server at our central site.



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by Stubby In reply to Routing Problem

Ermmm - at the risk of sounding silly, can I ask if you've been back to the telecomms company and asked them what they have done?

If I read between the lines correctly, then your ISA box was your perimiter firewall and now there is something else on the DMZ side of it? If not, then I have mis-understood your needs.

However, going back to your comments - If it was changed, then "what" was changed and changed from to what?

I believe your first port of call should be with the telecomms company and get them to detail what has been done and what (if anything) has been changed. If nothing has changed physically other than they have added to your network then my best guess is that at the remote sites the telecomms kit has fundemtally changed your routing.

Why? well from your words I'm guessing that mail from the main site is OK? If yes, then it isn't an external connectivity issue, but an internal one. So for the VoIP phones to work I'm again guessing that the Telecomms company has added in "extra" hardware as it may be that your current hardware is not VoIP capable. If these guesses are right, then the new kit is either blocking routes or has changed them in some way and the new VoIP kit may require some additional hard coded ip routes to restore connectivity.

Hope this helps?

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by rwhite In reply to Routing Problem

check our ISA settings... If ISA was reconfigured, or if an of the policy templates was changed, or if maybe it went back to default.
Also check to see if ISA is blocking DNS ports and check to see if your outside DNS is configured in ISA to allow LAN to connect to it.

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