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Routing thru ISA server- is it possible?

By Shanghai Sam ·
I have a complex network setup. I have a remote office in NY that is connected to my main office in NJ with a dedicated frame relay line. They are part of one Windows 2000 domain and I need full connectivity between them. Besides for connecting the two offices I'm also getting my internet connection through the same frame relay line. I therefor need to set up a firewall in front of both my NY and NJ frame relay connections. But I want to let all traffic from NY (192.168.2.x) to NJ(192.168.1.x) through without being blocked by the firewall. What would be the simplest, most reliable way to do that. I tried setting up a gateway to gateway VPN through ISA, but it does not seem to be so reliable. I also don't realy need the overhead ofa VPN as the traffic is not going over the internet. Can I just add the remote subnets to the LAT in ISA and have RRAS route it? Will that work? will it be secure? Please advise me what's the best way to go about this. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Thank You.

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Routing thru ISA server- is it possible?

by rawright In reply to Routing thru ISA server- ...

The simplest method, since you're not in need of VPN security, is to use RRAS configured as a network router. Adding the two subnets through the RRAS wizard should be a straightforward process, though it has to be done at both ends of the connection between sites. The Frame Relay connection should provide reasonable security for this connection without the overhead of VPN processing.

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