Roxio fails to support its products... any ideas for support?

By training ·
My data/research was backed up via BackupMyPC and my computer crashed. New PC (Vista 32 Bit system) does not allow Roxio's BackupMyPC software to run, even using compatibility settings!
I asked Roxio for assistance in re-installing my backed up data and was told by Roxio support staff... Tough, you should have upgraded to our newer products!

Any iodeas on how I may recover these backed up data/research files?

Any and all help appreciated.

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Old Hard Drive?

by TheChas In reply to Roxio fails to support it ...

Equally frustrating is that they do not provide updates for some versions of software that they are still selling!

Do you still have the old hard drive?

If so, and the drive itself is functional and not corrupt, you should be able to recover your files from the old drive.

Install the drive in a USB adapter and connect it to your new computer.

I see that the Roxio web site is less than helpful with information on their new back up software. Did you ask if the new software is able to restore files from the older version?

If your old hard drive is either dead or not available, you do have 2 other options:

1 use a friends computer that supports your old version of BackUpMyPC.

2 buy a used or refurbished computer that you can install the required operating system and BackUpMyPC on and restore your files there.


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Version issue - same with Acronis

by florence In reply to Roxio fails to support it ...

What I do know is that I have Roxio 7 now and they say that you cannot restore files from older versions. From Roxio readme file:
"Previous versions of Roxio Backup MyPC also allowed you to create standard backup sets and Disaster Recovery Sets using most removable storage devices. To restore one of these older backup sets, you will need to use the same version of Roxio Backup MyPC that created it."

I had problem with Acronis support; they won't support a version I purchased a year ago because they have two versions since then! I had to restore my files on my old computer and bring them over on my thumb drive (16GB) and copy onto new machine. It may be that you can only restore files from backup programs using the same system and same version of software.

Hope this helps.

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