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    ROXLOCK.COM is still an active Trojan


    by jonalist1 ·


    Each time I click a link online I get a popup alerting me by Malwarebytes security that has attempted to send data over a port using Firefox 64-bit or Microsoft Edge whichever I use even Google Chrome. I posted to Malwarebytes Forum and we are working on a way to remove activity. If anyone else here has a solution please inform me. Thanks!

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      Just curious

      by birdmantd ·

      In reply to ROXLOCK.COM is still an active Trojan

      I also use Malwarebytes with the Chrome browser.

      Did you let Malwarebytes remove the Roxlock threat and then reset your computer ?? I had a similar problem with a completely different application causing endless pop-ups until I reset my computer.

      No longer an issue for me. Don’t remember which application that Malwarebytes was warning me about.

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