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By RiverFreight ·
It has come to my attention in the feild of workability that there is very little follow up on submissions for Patent & Copyright. This is distressing to me a business owner as well as someone who interacts with others business's to find thaty they have themselves and their employees overlooked as to the actual products and incomes really earned. I've bought Companys that are supposedly destitute only to find that the wealth of the people employed there is only awa8iting garnering of the accumulted royalties and their meteing out. The sad glow on the faces as the company now passes them on uneccessarily for new blood that builds on their work and they turn to the worn life of poverty they had all due to negligence.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Royalty's

Peolpe get stucjk into these situations because they are relying on the company's success as opposed to their own.
It's the same as RRSP's or 401's, a hope and a prayer for the future.

As a manager of several bands, I have often seen bands hang on a prayer for royalties, their former manager had never sold or marketed their product correctly or maybe didn't have the connections to make success possible.

This is life, there are those who push to win, there are those who wait to lose, the choice is yours to make. I have had MANY companies offer to pay me with stock options and shares to do some work for them, I politely turn down the offer and demand cash. So far I haven't been on the losing side of a potential "investment".

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