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    by jubilantcarag ·

    my dial-up internet connection always disconnects after 10 minutes on-line due to RPC error message by windows NT authority, how can i fix this problem?

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      by joseph moore ·

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      Sounds like Blaster!
      Ah, the Blaster virus, it is still alive and roaming out there!

      It sounds like you do not have the MS03-039 patch from Microsoft to prevent the Blaster worm (and its variants like Welchia) from exploiting the RPC vulnerability. A copy of Blaster can hit your machine, trigger the unpatched vulnerability, but RPC can fail which PREVENTS the virus from infecting your machine. But, as you have seen with your RPC errors, it will still TRY and infect you.
      This has happened countless times since Blaster came out in August. Not all Blaster attacks result in successful infections. Some people get infected, and some people (like you) just get the RPC error and a failed infection.

      Go here:
      And get the patch for your OS version.

      hope this helps

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