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RPM vs transfer speed.

By picapiedra ·
ok, here is the issue.

I want to know if SATA II are better than new 15K RPM SCSI drives due the transfer rate, because the RPM is still less on SATA.....

I am unable to find any speed test on raid systems, also unable to find the specific search time on those disks.

This question is in order to choose between the Dell SAN system with 10RPM SATA drives and the normal SAN with 15K RPM SCSI drives (with too high cost).

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to RPM vs transfer speed.

Here cost plays a vital roll. The SATA have a transfer speed of something like 150 and the SCSI's have 160 so what you have to ask yourself is the difference in cost by a factor of about 4 times as expensive for the SCSI worth the minimal speed difference.

Is a Seagate 400GB SATA Native Command Queuing (NCQ) HDD - 7200rpm, 8Mb Cache, 5-yr manufacturer Warranty at $374.00 AU

Better value than a

Seagate Cheetah 146GB Ultra320 SCSI HDD - 80pin, 15,000rpm, 5 years warranty at $1,209.00 AU

or a

Seagate Cheetah 300GB Ultra320 SCSI HDD - 68pin, 10,000rpm, 5 years warranty at $1,700.00 AU

The SATA drive is 7,200 RPM the First SCSI is 15,000 RPM and the bigger SCSI is only 10,000 RPM so the actual rotational speeds of the platters doesn't play as important roll as some think.

Even still you could buy 4 400 GIG SATA drives for about the cost of 1 146 GIG SCSI drive.

Really unless you have high end SCSI controllers you'll not see any real difference and the cheaper option is most often used as you get much more storage capacity for your money and cheaper replacement in the case of a drive dieing.

Unless you have the need for Hot Swap SCSI the 80 Pin ones just are not worth the money, but if you are in a big business where down time is measured in Millions of $ per hour they are then cost effective as they are far cheaper to swap out and get a system up & running again.


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by entawanabi In reply to RPM vs transfer speed.

First the transfer rate between wheres? second it makes little difference except on unformatted and configured drives. the rest I don't know what they are.

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