RS 232 and Floppy Advice Needed

By vinnyherman ·

I am in a quandary here.

I bought an old radio scanner (one of the best ever made though) that comes with floppy installation disks (DOS)for the software installation. The scanner has an RS 232C port to comlete the hookup to a PC.

My Toshiba Satellite laptop does not have a floppy reader, nor does it have an RS 232 C jack/port. It has serial printer port and USB ports and video output jacks only. I do have a CD/DVD drive. My PC runs Windows XP.

How can I connect this device? Would an external floppy reader be available to connect to my PC? AND a cable that would convert from male rs 232C to USB?

Or should I buy an old laptop/desktop with these legacy devices onboard already?

I am enclosing a picture of the device I am attempting to connect;



Hope someone can help me out here!


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get a converter or a USB floppy drive

by CG IT In reply to RS 232 and Floppy Advice ...
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One Caveat

by TheChas In reply to get a converter or a USB ...

CG has it correct in that you can get USB floppy drives and USB to serial port converters.

The problem is that since the software is in DOS, you are going to have problems getting DOS to use the virtual COM port on the USB adapter.

I suggest that you search at places like www.sourceforge.net and the scanner user groups to see how others are getting around the limitations.

Source Forge likely has a Foundry working on ways for DOS to work with virtual serial ports. The scanner community might have links to Windows applications that will work with your scanner.

Another option to port the software to your PC is to burn the floppies to a CD on any PC that has both a floppy drive and a CD burner.

From a hardware standpoint, you might look for a PCMCIA serial port card.


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I figured with a little search effort

by CG IT In reply to One Caveat

that the questioneer would be able to come up with a link such as this.


There are ways in which to be USB to work with DOS as the above show.

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