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Ruby Slippers Over the Rainbow

I've been learning the Ruby programming language lately thanks to a recommendation from apotheon, and I have to say I am impressed. A truly powerful and concise (right, apotheon) language it is. I've blogged about it and created some example code that demonstrates many of the features:


Next I intend to start learning Ruby on Rails. Any advice on how to begin that?

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the best place to start

by apotheon In reply to Ruby Slippers Over the Ra ...


There's no better place to start with Rails, as far as I'm aware. It's an excellently written book, by collaboration between the creator of Rails and one of the original Pragmatic Programmers.

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Ruby and compact code

Apotheon, you'll appreciate this one:
This is a fairly complex but well-circumscribed component that I wrote in three languages: C++, C#, and Ruby. The Ruby code is smaller and more readable, as you would expect.

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by apotheon In reply to Ruby and compact code

I read the description. I'll have a look at the code later, see what a cursory glance tells me.

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Sounds like finnish

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Ruby and compact code

They say finnish has long words... and that's sort of true.
Finnish also has a very high information density though.
Some advertising consulting company had a "standard text" that they translate to all languages. And apparently the finnish version is 50% longer than the average.
But the thing is, I know how to translate to finnish; and if you do it right you get a ten to twenty percent save compared to the source text, almost every time.

You have to use a completely different information distribution though, finns talk straight.

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if you like ruby you will love rails

by GarryAllen In reply to Ruby Slippers Over the Ra ...

This is where I started:
It didn't take me much more than an hour to download everything, install it, and run through the tutorial.
You could try this next:
PS a google search will give you enough to keep busy for weeks!

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Thanks to you and apotheon for the links. Gary, your first link is fantastic. Haven't checked out the second one yet, I want to thoroughly digest what's going on in the first one.

Thanks again

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