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    Rule book App/ checklist app.


    by danialh89 ·

    I’m wondering how could I digitize a rulebook where usually on hardcopy it will just be a check list of different products which will have a pass/fail tick on each category and link this to a main database for submission so the higher ups can decide the final say. Was searching and trying to develop a mobile app (prefer android compatible) eg. product A: 1.1 minimum size (from 1-20 mm tolerance of Xmilimeters) pass/fail 1.2 Does it have a safety (something) pass/fail. just to check if the product is within the requirements.

    software will be required to be connected to a server for different class of products. aka different checklist. my Idea is a scroll down choice prior to the checklist so it can be loaded for the examination of product.

    how do I turn this to an app? I’m doing this for my class project. In my field of study tech savvy products like this are non-existent. An idea to push for an eco friendly idea and the transfer to mobile platforms(android, tablet etc) from hardcopy checklists.

    warning, the most knowledge I have is html(a bit css) and a sliver of API read from facebook developers. can I use python for this?

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