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Rules for becoming top manager - Lie

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The easiest way to shift blame is to constantly lie.
Don't worry that you will be cought in the lie and punished for it.
Even if employee has ton of mails supporting that you are lying at worst case these will be dismised by the big boss.
Big boss will support your lies as long as you support his.
It is expected from the managers to constantly lie.
Those that don't might get into world of trouble because other managers might feel threathened that such thruth seaking manager like you wouldn't cover their lies and manipulations.
And if employees found out that you are lying don't worry about it either.
They will not say anything and will continue to pretend that they beleive all you are saying.
If some of them acctually tries to imply that you are lying just go to the big boss and tell him to fire the guy.
Big boss knows that if this goes unpunished it will be just a metter of time before that guy starts telling that other managers are lying too.

Here is an example to ilustrate the rule.
Big boss:"Client is mad because he still didn't receive the goods."
You to Employee:"Why didn't you send the goods in time."
Employee:"Because you never signed the approvel I sent two months ago?"
You:"You never did send it to me."
Employee:"Yes I did. It was attached in the mail I sent to you 12.03.2005 at 13:45:06".
Big boss:"If you did sent it you shold have checked with you manager what was the status."
You: (Just keep silent and let the big boss cover for you)
Big boss:"You should take more responsability for your work. Don't make this happen again."
You: (For god sake just keep quite.)
You and Employee are on the way to your working place.
You:"We should better define each other responsabilities so that these things wouldn't happen again."
Employee:"OK lets do this. Should I remind you of my mail if I don't get any reply after 3 days?"
You:"We will talk about it later but now I have a very important meeting. Bye."

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