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Rumor - Microsoft buying Novell????

By dherde ·
I just talked to a vendor who is convinced that Microsoft has or will buy Novell. While this sounds absurd on the outside, he says they are having a microsoft novell integration class next month sponsered by MS. Has anyone else heard such a rumor? I can just see MS trying to take the legs out of linux by trying this type of tactic, but I do not know how/if that can happen. Given Novell's commitment to the open source community, this seems way off base. Is novell's code base now in the open source community? (I don't have a clue about novell's code base.) Lot's of questions; an ugly rumor - no answers..

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by Jaqui In reply to Rumor - Microsoft buying ...

the code that Novell has put into the open source community cannot be removed.
but the license Novell used will allow commercial use of thier code.

it's extremely doubtfull that novell would concider merging with ms.

the integration class would more than likely be on how to integrate novell's open source and linux based products with ms systems.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Rumor - Microsoft buying ...

Priceless !!

Novell buys Ximian, releases SUSE and XD2 desktops, signs deals with HP/Compaq, IBM to provide extensive R&amp and support in new servers for the Novell Linux NOS, they target European governments and US Military agencies with high end security solutions and then decide to merge with M$?

Not gonna happen. Now I know those sre strong words in the world of IT, but it goes without saying. The ONLY theory that would support it, is because Novell has ramped themselves up to look like a good investment. Novell has ALWAYS been a sound investment though, they are not going anywhere, just as many said they had died before, Novell still runs on strong.

With the newest offerings being open source, they are setp to take on a HUGE market share in the next 3-5 years, I know MANY companies that have or will be converting from MS.

I will confidently close by saying, NO, MS is not buying Novell any time soon.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Rumor - Microsoft buying ...

Novell MS integration class? THis has NOTHING to do with them merging! THat class is about how to manage and use the two platforms together in a business. MS is trying to make hard core Novell users see that they have better web services, and that they can integrate the two easily.

NOVELL as the backbone and management server is the way to go, management of MS servers is easy. MS has never liked managing Netware servers though, so when people switch to Novell for security issues, MS want them ot retain MS servers too. THus they are promoting intergration seminars.

Novell did a HUGE Novell/Exchange integration semiar last year, as if that makes any sense, but they were just looking to offer themselves as a security solution for MS shops. Now MS want to pose as the Web server for Novell shops, thus Microsoft/Novell integration seminars.

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by dherde In reply to

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by dherde In reply to Rumor - Microsoft buying ...

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