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Rumor Mills

By mikeadams1137 ·
What to say? I'm a new member of the Tech Republic. I've just recently graduated from Highschool, and I'm attending IUPUI in Indianapolis and pursing a BS in Computer and Information Science.

While I feel more then adequate of being able to complete the job, I have made one mistake. My boss...his daughter is also 19 and she goes to college out of state. We never did too much, we went on 1-2 dates, which her father was fully aware of, and we are good friends. Her father is fully aware of the situation and approves. The problem...rumors.

Truck drivers can be...well...they can live up to the sterotype at to speak, and they love gossip. I can't help but stop all these rumors going around about, us "having sex", "getting together", "moving up through Daddy"...I don't care for them, and neither does she, other then the fact they are coming back to hurt my boss, the biggest supporter of my position. While him and the Vice-President created my position, and we have full approval through the company...I went to talk to him this morning, and he wasn't pleased. What do I do? Thanks :)

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Keep your head down

by maecuff In reply to Rumor Mills

Don't react, argue or defend yourself. Let it die. And don't think that this is the only time it will happen. It happens all the time. Feeding the rumor in ANY way keeps it alive, so just don't feed it.

I speak from experience. Although, in my case, there were no dates involved, the story was fabricated. My former boss used to be a client and he hired me as a programmer. Because he brought me on board, a rumor started that he and I were an item (of course, the actual rumor was much more crude). I just waited for it to go away and it eventually did. People will always have their opinions and people will always treat other people's lives as entertainment.

The other thing I would point out (I have a child your age, so I feel compelled to nag). Having been on the 'wrong' side of the rumor mill should serve as a lesson to you to not jump on the bandwagon when you hear rumors about other people. They can be very damaging.

Best of luck to you!

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Tough as it may seem...

by JamesRL In reply to Rumor Mills

The best way to shut them up is to not feed them.

The more you deny, the more they will feed.

I would suggest you try to keep it on the professional level with the boss. He is in a tough spot conflict wise. Don't go to your boss with a problem for him to solve, go to him with a proposed solution and see if he agrees.

Don't go on the attack and go after the rumour spreaders, its an impossible task and will just reinforce what everyone is already thinking.

Are you still together or now just friends. If you have moved on, bringing another girlfriend around might help. But don't make it too obvious.

Good luck.


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Still Friends

by mikeadams1137 In reply to Tough as it may seem...

Thanks for the great responses, I figured they would be something like what you have told me.

Yes! She and I are still friends, but only she, I, and her father knows...The big deal is...she is back from Virgina for Christmas Break, and her father gave her a job here doing Store Calls etc..and thats what I believe to have prompted all of this.

I do have a girl-friend, FYI and She is fully aware and most of my co-employees have met her, usually by her bringing lunch to me on the weekends.

Thanks for all the great support, my boss just came back in...and explained the Sateilte PCs to me, to start teaching to our drivers, he didn't seem so upset.

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What wasn't your boss "pleased" about?

by maxwell edison In reply to Rumor Mills

Was he not pleased about the rumors? Or was he not pleased because he believed the rumors? I assume it's the rumors themselves that he's not happy with.

If that's the case, you might ask him how you should deal with the situation. The most important thing, however, is to keep in mind that in such cases, you can't do a dang thing about the actions of others, so don't give into them by being bothered by them. Treat them as meaningless and insignificant, and just focus on your job.

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He wasn't pleased about...

by mikeadams1137 In reply to What wasn't your boss "pl ...

He wasn't pleased about how they were coming back to affect him. Thanks for the headsup :)

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1. Keep away from boss's kid 2. Don't say "icky" about truckers

by DelbertPGH In reply to Rumor Mills

1. Avoid things that people love to gossip about the most. If you date somebody in the office, they'll love to yak about that, but if you date the big boss's kid, they'll really really get into that.

Having gone this far, you might as well ignore it. I doubt that the rumors that get around to your immediate supervisor actually impact him, except to make him feel itchy about the attention. They don't really affect him, and he should learn to ignore it all, too, but of course you are not in the position of being able to tell him to just shut up about it.

You should ignore him, too, as politely as possible.

2. If you actually use expressions like "drivers can be... well... icky so to speak" around real truck drivers, they're going to think you're an unmanly dweeb, and despise you as well as talk about you.

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are you kidding

by Brooklyns Finest In reply to Rumor Mills

i say you guys should keep having sex if you haven't already, keep it under wraps and tell the truckers to say one more thing and you'll smack the $h!t out of them...bottom line...truckers can be replaced but finding a loyal it person who wont F%^## up the data isn't. Also dude your in Indianapolis...give me a break, if $h!t hits the fan move on...its not meant to be

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by mikeadams1137 In reply to are you kidding

That has to be the most...ahem, best choice of words imaginably conceived for my problem, thank you. The rumors have died down, they are all but non-existent, it was just a few drivers, and as for calling them Icky...most Truck Drivers are great guys, I am friends with most, but there are the ones that do live up to the stereotype. I assure you. Thanks for the advice :)

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Set them up...

by GSG In reply to Rumor Mills

With approval from the young lady and her dad, get another female friend not associated with the company to stop by some day. It helps if she's sexy/attractive, and have her ask for you, then give you a lip-lock and call you honey buns, or sugar bear or whatever... Let them stew over that a while. Just make sure that the biggest company gossip is there.

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