Run a 4gi file on unix system using ftp

By mrviqar ·
I am very new to the UNIX environment.
I have a similar issue. I am trying to run a script on unix using the the ftp. But the results are similar, it does find the file in the folder, but fail to run the script with the error can not find abc.4gi.
Will running the command % chmod +x abc solve this issue? or do i need some other work around.

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Dear Peconet Tietokoneet

by mrviqar In reply to Read more here........... ...

Possibly I could not express my problem. Please see again.
We are running an application on unix system, and the the file lets say abc.4gi is the command which when executed locally in the unix system runs a process. Now we require to Recal & run this process remotely, from a win 2003 system, and for this purpose we are reverting to a batch run via FTP. In this respect my FTP do find the abc.4gi file in the particular folder in unix system, but does not actually run the process. Please help

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Run in Telnet

by Mehul Bhai In reply to Dear Peconet Tietokoneet

FTP is, as it's name suggest, a File Transfer Protocol. You can just transfer files through them, you cannot execute files.
Connect to the UNIX from the Win2003 through Telnet and then locate the file and execute.

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